Low Country and South Carolina

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South Carolina’s Low Country is a great place to visit.  We had a limited time so we had to make the best of it.  Magnolia Plantation was spectacular when we visited during the peak week of azaleas.  Riotous color everywhere.  Charle Kuralt called Magnolia his greatest Charleston pleasure.  The gardens saved the plantation when they were opened to tourists in the late 19th century.  The Drayton family has called Magnolia home since 1676.

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Southern Beauty

Magnolia Plantation

Anybody know his name?

The gardens of Magnolia

More Azaleas

Cac Caw Nature Preserve is a county park near Charleston.  A former rice plantation, the preserve is now half history and half nature park.  There are 11 different habitats for wildlife many of which would not exist without the rice plantation period.  We hiked 7 miles of trails and saw eagles, ospreys, herons, egrets and alligators.

Former Rice Plantation

Cypress Swamp habitat

Frampton Planation is now a visitor center.  The family dates from the antebellum period and still live in the area.  The 300 year old oaks are a trademark of South Carolina.

Frampton Plantation

On our way to the Orangeburg Elks we visited the little town of Branchville SC.  Branchville is a very historic railroad town.  In 1833 the longest railroad in the world ran (133 miles) from Charleston through Branchville to Hamburg SC.  Soon Branchville was the very first rail junction in the US when a line was built to Orangeburg!  The very first railroad restaurant was established in the depot here!  So naturally we had to check it out and sample the local cuisine.  The Elks provided a nice spot for the night.

Branchville Depot

Friendly Elks RV site


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  1. captdaveh says:

    I declare, Miss Margaret would be green with envy!! Great pics. Hope you have a great summer!
    Dave & Nancy


  2. Judi says:

    What beautiful pictures.


  3. Ken says:

    The Carolinas is one of our favorite areas. You’re right….lot to do. Let us know when you make your way through PA so we can get together.


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