Pennsylvania, Gettysburg and Hershey

Following Robert E. Lee’s route, we traveled North to Gettysburg PA.  This may be the most significant National Military Park in the US.  The battle there July 1-3, 1863 was seen as the turning point of the Civil War.  The park service does a great job interpreting the story for all visitors with a excellant film and the stunning Cyclorama, a huge 360 degree painting 28 feet tall.  The driving tour is 24 miles of scenes, monuments and cemetery.  So many lives lost.  It’s fitting to honor the fallen with this huge park.

A tiny shot of the Cyclorama

Union artillery

Scene of Pickett’s charge

Confederate artillery

Largest monument – Pennsylvania


Facing Little Round Top

Typical monument shows 796 casualties out of 1040 men

Hershey PA is Chocolate World.  The company of the same name turned chocolate as a luxury into a treat for the masses using assembly line production techniques inspired by Henry Ford.  Milton Hershey built a company town that provided well for his workers and their families. He left his entire fortune to a trust dedicated to a school for disadvantaged children.  To this day the trust provides school and housing for kids that need help.  The endowment is healthy and doing good.

Hershey is all about chocolate

Our trip to Pennsylvania was short but we enjoyed the beautiful countryside, the stone houses, the huge barns.  The people we met were friendly and helpful.  We stayed at the beautiful Gettysburg Farm RV Resort.

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  1. Judi says:

    I’ve been to both of those places and also an Amish farm. Very interesting state.


  2. Kings On the Road says:

    Yes​, Pennsylvania is a lovely​ state. We will be back.


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