Charleston South Carolina

We have been to Charleston South Carolina many times and yet every time we find more and more things to see.  History alone could fill many trips to the area.

Our first stop this time was Fort Sumter National Monument.  In the historic district of the city the park service has a very nice museum and visitor center.  We took the tour boat around the bay to the man made island that is Fort Sumter.  The monument commemorates the first shots of the Civil War and the struggles of those who fought and died.  The park ranger made an excellant presentation of the necessity of the war.

Ferry to Ft. Sumter

Approaching Ft. Sumter

Ft. Sumter today

Ft. Sumter 1861

Ranger talk


We also visited Drayton Hall, the only 18th century plantation home which survived intact both the Revolutionary and Civil Wars.  John Drayton built the home in the 1750s.  The home was built in the Palladian style very popular in the day.  It remained in the family until modern times and was never renovated.  It really gives a true view of life 250 years ago.

Drayton Hall built 1750

Sketch with flanking out-buildings

Ornamental interior

View from Ashley River

Reflecting pond

There is so much to see and do in the Charleston area.  In addition to the fort and plantation home we visited a tea plantation, a farmer’s market and found delicious wild edible chanterelle mushrooms near our campground.

Charleston Tea Plantation

Charleston farmer’s market

Wild chanterelle mushrooms

Picked and cleaned

We always say the sign of a good place is somewhere we can find more to come back for.  Charleston is such a place.

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  1. lynnsarda says:

    Looks like a happy, gentle time there.


  2. Lynn says:

    Love the picture of the Southern girl next to the giant iced tea. The chanterelles look tasty.


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