Hudson Valley New York

We have heard from other RVers how difficult it is to travel and meet people in the Northeast.  So on this trip we didn’t know what to expect.  To our great surprise we have found New Yorkers very friendly and welcoming.  For the most part they are among the most courteous drivers we’ve seen on this trip.  Traffic has not been bad (outside gtreater NYC) and the roads have been in good condition.  Starting in the Hudson Valley we found a state with large areas of forest, hills and small mountains.  Commercial development was limited and we found many farm stands and markets.  Locally grown products were more available than any other state we’ve visited.

Among the first towns we visited was New Paltz.  Our friend Sal had taught here at the university and we thought of him often.  New Paltz has a street reputed to be among the oldest in European America.  It was settled by Huguenots in the early 1600s.  The old, old homes are still part of the neighborhood.

Huguenot home from 1600s

Old cemetery

Angry Orchard cidery offered a great tasting experience with a first class facility.  When we asked how they able to have such incredible distribution they said it was because they are so cool.  We found out later that they are owned by The Boston Beer Company – Sam Adams.  There are now dozens of cideries throughout the area.  Many have tastings, some have food and even entertainment.

Hard Cider is huge in NY

DI loved Angry Orchard

One great fun thing we found was Rail Explorers, peddle powered rail speeder operated on old rails of the Ulster and Delaware Railroad.  We reserved in advance and the weather was poor – showery – but we had a great time.  Lots of waterfalls, mostly easy peddling and that wonderful click clack of rolling down the tracks.  We would recommend it to anyone.  The company offers rail experiences in Rhode Island as well during the summer and in the winter they operate near Las Vegas. Rail Explorers is located right next to the Empire State Railroad Museum in the historic railroad depot in Phoenicia NY which had up to 40 trains per day in its heyday.

Rail Explorers

Explorers in the rain

Empire State Railroad Museum

The major tourist draw in the Hudson Valley is Hyde Park.  Hyde Park is where Springwood, the lifelong home of Franklin Roosevelt, is located.  FDR’s Presidential Library is here as well.  It was the first of its kind and planned well before his death in 1945.  Hyde Park is also home to the Frederick Vanderbilt mansion, the only National Park Service site dedicated to the gilded age.  And it is home to Val-Kill, Eleanor Roosevelt’s home of her own.  All three properties are well worth the visit.  All three have an incredible story to tell.

Springwood – FDR’s lifelong home

FDR buriel site

Eleanor’s Val-Kill

ER’s “The Cottage”

ER’s homey home

The Vanderbilt Mansion – Gilded Age National Historic Site

Oh how they loved the French

Gardens too

We stayed at the Thousand Trails Rondout Valley RV Park in Accord.  We found a site along the creek we had a good stay.  The staff was very accomodating.  It’s a good location for everything in the Hudson Valley and close to the Catskill Mountains.  We would definitely come back here.  There is so much to do.



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  1. carol says:

    Enjoying all you do.


  2. Mcleod Judy says:

    Sounds very appealing. When we are free for long trips we will keep this one in mind. Thanks for sharing!


  3. Carol Coates says:

    Jay & I will be in this area last September- early October. Thanks for the info…. Miss you two…


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