Warm Springs Georgia

Since we had visited Hyde Park and Campobello we decided to visit Warm Springs GA where FDR had many polio treatments and his Little White House.  He first visited the warm springs baths to treat his polio.  He became a part of the community and purchased the facility to keep it going.  While Governor of New York he built a home in Warm Springs.

FDR’s Little White House


When he became President he continued to visit the place as his personal retreat.  Many of his ideas for the New Deal and Rural Electrification came from his expereinces in Georgia.  It was during a visit April 12, 1945 as he sat for a portrait that he suffered a severe stroke and died a few hours later.  The chair, the room and the unfinished portrait are part of the tour at Roosevelt’s Little White House.  After visiting the home we toured the baths and even FDR’s favorite picnic spot atop nearby Pine Mountain overlooking the valley.

Room and chair where FDR suffered a stroke

Unfinished portrait

Warm Springs polio baths

FDR’s favorite picnic site


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  1. Tim Thompson says:

    Thanks for sharing. Always enjoy your blog. Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays. Tim and Carol



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    Thank you so much for your frequent comments and keeping in touch. We hope to be in Washington next summer.


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