Nine Mile Canyon, Utah

Goldie at Nine Mile Ranch

After Ogden we wanted to travel toward Moab.  On the way we researched a place to stop and discovered Wellington UT and Nine Mile Canyon.  About 24 miles north of US6/191 on Nine Mile Canyon Road is Nine Mile Ranch, the only campground in the area.  The rancher and his wife offer a basic parking spot with available water, flush toilets and a dump station.  There is room for only 3 large RVs.

The Hunt

Utah scenery is hard to beat

Nine Mile Canyon is known as the world’s longest art gallery.  There are 40 miles of rock art from Archaic, Fremont and Ute people who have been traveling this canyon for hundreds perhaps thousands of years.  Great accessible sites are all along the road winding through the canyon.  The skill of the rock artists is remarkable.  It’s amazing that its not a national or state park.Utah is a state with an abundance of natural beauty.  Nine Mile Canyon is another example of under the radar sites that we enjoy discovering.  It is a true joy of the RV lifestyle that we have the time to dig down and find these treasures.

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4 Responses to Nine Mile Canyon, Utah

  1. Judi says:

    Very interesting. I love petroglyphs.


  2. Larry Shoup says:

    Spent a month in Utah a couple of years ago and are sorry we didn’t get there when we first started off and could actually hike the area


  3. Linda C Ahlgren says:

    By chance a friend of mine was visiting nine mile canyon just about when you were. Such a wealth of pictographs/petroglyphs…wondering if it was preserving history, creating a personal legacy, spiritual significance…perhaps all of the above.
    Happy you two have this wonderful time of life


  4. Kings On the Road says:

    Thanks for your comments. The ancient rock art was probably all of the above and more. And probably had different meanings to different groups passing this way. There was no written history so we can only guess.


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