Ft Pierce and Stuart Florida

Our recent RV tip to visit friends Mark and Lyn is typical of the kinds of quick little trips we’ll make in our new smaller RV. Mark and Lyn are long time full time friends currently living on their sailboat.

Our trip began with a quick drive south on Florida’s Turnpike to the KOA in Ft. Pierce. Our friends met us to see our new rig, catch up and have dinner.

The next day we explored the tropical coast between Ft. Pierce and Stuart. After living most of our lives in tropical Florida we were amazed at how much we enjoyed the flora and fauna of the area. We found ourselves spouting names like Tabebuia, Silver Buttonwood, Adonidia, Scaevola and seagrape. It seems like the iguana population has exploded since we left tropical Florida 6 years ago.

Mark and Lyn gave us a tour and a fine dinner on board their sailboat. We were amazed how much room there was on their catamaran. They were moored at a marina on the St. Lucie River. Then we strolled downtown Stuart. We were very impressed by this small city with a lively waterfront and the Florida East Coast Railroad rolling right thru the center of town.

Our last day the weather turned rainy so we explored the Elliot Museum which had a fine collection of cars, fishing history and local lore. As the weather cleared we went to the House of Refuge museum on the rocky shore.

Exotic and historic cars in the Elliot Museum
Lookout tower at House of Refuge Museum
Rocky coast of Stuart Beach
Little Blue Heron

A great quick trip.

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4 Responses to Ft Pierce and Stuart Florida

  1. Sam says:

    Great blog…keep ’em coming.


  2. Ken says:

    Very nice, Randy and Diane. After roaming the country for years I’m sure it’s nice to have a base from which to make small trips like this. I bet there is lots to see within a couple hours of Inverness. Keep blogging.


  3. Chris says:

    Excellent, thanks for sharing, a “rolling stone gathers no moss”, you know how to live life! You could do an On The Road with Charles Kuralt type reality tv/travel series! Please post some pics of your new rig. I bet smaller means easier parking and maneuvering, cool!


  4. Sharon Lee Astle says:

    Loved Stuart years ago. Wasn’t Ft. Pierce once home to a Club Med? And rain — a blessing. Sharon and Mike in Sun City West


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