Cloudcroft New Mexico

Mexican Canyon trestle

Cloudcroft New Mexico is located in the Sacramento Mountains in the southeastern part of the state. In this hot dry region it is an comfortable oasis due to its elevation. Fodor’s travel recently called it one of the most overlooked places in the country. We visited on our way from Palm Springs to Florida. The railroad history, mild weather, scenic views and hiking made this a place we’ll come back to visit.

Cloudcroft NM at elevation 8676 feet

The Alamogordo and Sacramento Railroad climbed over 4000 feet in 32 miles with grades of up to an unheard of 6.4%! Historically trains slowly climbed trestles and S curves to the timber in the mountains. Vacationers flocked to the mountain air on up to 5 trains per day from El Paso. This was one of the most spectacular western railroads. Today trestles can be reached via hiking trails.

Salado Trestle

We stayed at the Cool Pines RV Park in nearby Mayhill. It’s a lovely quiet park.

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4 Responses to Cloudcroft New Mexico

  1. captdaveh says:

    Great info. We’ll have to try it. Nancy and I are leaving this afternoon to take a cruise to Hawaii. It’s the LAX round trip so we’ll be gone for two weeks. Enjoy! Dave & Nancy

    Have a great day


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  2. Kings On the Road says:

    Have a great trip. It’s so good to get back to traveling again. We’re not getting any years back. Hope the worst of the pandemic is behind us.

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  3. Larry Shoup says:

    Thoroughly enjoyed Cloudcroft in 2008. Enjoyed the trip down to Alamagorda(sp) too.

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  4. Kings On the Road says:

    Yes it’s a lesser known gem.

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