Square Foot Gardening

One of my jobs workamping at the Durango KOA is to manage a Square Foot Vegetable Garden.  In the ongoing effort to support the Green Movement across the globe, the KOA seeks to add something every year.  This year owners Jay and Carol decided a demonstration vegetable garden would add a lot to the experience of staying at the campground.  After visiting Dianne and I in Florida last Winter and seeing our garden there, they asked me to help with a square foot garden in Colorado.  This was very exciting for me as I’ve only gardened in Florida for the past 30 plus years.

Typical Raised Bed of a Square Foot Garden

Durango KOA Square Foot Garden

As garden manager I give a talk each week to guests interested in what we are doing.  It is great fun to hear garden stories from people from California to Connecticut to Chicago to Albuquerque to Berlin.  The beauty of the square foot system is that it can be applied to any environment.  It takes the native soil out of the equation.  The raised bed and custom mix promotes success.  Weeds, drought, flooding and tilling are no longer problems.  The raised beds even ease the bending and reaching that challenges many people.

Tuesday Garden Talk

Every week we give away produce to our guests.  They all seem to appreciate fresh, fresh produce during their days traveling.  So far we have harvested 4 kinds of lettuce (some in 40 days from seed), 5 kinds of radishes, mustard greens, collard greens, swiss chard, turnips, sweet peppers, hot New Mexican chile peppers, eggplant, tomatoes, cilantro, green beans, wax beans, zucchini, gold zucchini, summer squash and kohlrabi.   Pumpkins,cucumbers and acorn squash are on the way.

Square Foot Garden in August

Tomatoes Galore

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3 Responses to Square Foot Gardening

  1. How exciting and rewarding, Randy. What beautiful raised beds and so many veggies.


  2. Lynn Sarda says:

    This is wonderful….you must love gardening in that climate


  3. Those are some really impressive tomato plants (how tall are they?) When you get back to Pine Island, I think Jim and I could use some gardening hints. I like the square foot gardening concept.


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