Railfest 2012

Locomotive Eureka & Palisade #4

E&P #4 Wood Burner

E&P #4 built in 1875

The Durango and Silverton Narrow Gauge Railroad celebrated Railfest again August 17-20.   This year the fest was managed by True West Magazine.  We think this was an attempt to broaden the appeal beyond train fans.  Of course , to most railfans this was a dilution of value accompanied by an increase in prices.  We chased trains and hiked to some unique vantage points for good photography.

Railfest Heritage Train

Galloping Goose #5

Rio Grande Southern #4

D&S locomotive 486 in Silverton

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4 Responses to Railfest 2012

  1. Galloping Goose is still my favorite, but the trains in a mountain setting tell a story of long ago. Thanks, guys.


  2. fotograffer says:

    Great train shots Randy.


  3. Looks like train junkie nirvana to me (with great photo ops)!


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