Bay St. Louis Mississippi

Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.  Just what we like.  A nice state park campground, Buccaneer. Lots of history.  Some trains.  And friendly people, but not too many.


Ground zero for Hurricane Katrina in 2005, Bay St. Louis shows lots of new construction and a beautiful classic old town.  It also shows the devastating effects of a major natural disaster.  Nearly 10 years later and a high percentage of the beach front homesites are vacant.  The gigantic oaks have grown back.  Many of the homes are now built on tall stilts, a reminder of the 30 foot storm surge.  But there are many For Sale signs on sites which must have had beautiful homes at one time.


Bay St. Louis sits on a main CSX rail route originally built by the Louisville and Nashville Railroad – the L&N.  The 1928 depot has been beautifully preserved as a tourist center and museum.  Before Katrina the Sunset Limited passenger train would have passed through on its way from Los Angeles to Jacksonville.  Now freight trains polish the rails.


One interesting story from Bay St. Louis was the filming of a major movie here in 1965.  “This Place is Condemned”, a Sydney Pollock film adapted from a Tennessee Williams play starred Robert Redford, Natalie Wood and Robert Blake.  Many buildings in the movie can still be seen today.


We like Bay St. Louis.  We think we’ll visit again someday.IMG_0459 IMG_0467

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15 Responses to Bay St. Louis Mississippi

  1. There you guys are – “on the road again.” Looks like you found a fun spot with some interesting looking buildings (and trains of course).


  2. David Gobble says:

    Great to see your movement again. Safe travels, and keep sharing your adventure.


  3. Gwen Kreuser says:

    I was thinking of you guys this week and wondering where you were. I was hoping you weren’t in Nebraska or Oklahoma!


  4. Ken OB says:

    Keep em coming! Love the Blog.


  5. I’ll have to see the movie, now that you’ve raised my curiosity. Looks like you are enjoying yourselves and keeping your mantra of seeing the country through history, photography and trains alive. Good to hear from you. We are always wondering where you are. 🚂🚂🚂


    • Kings On the Road says:

      Thanks for the blog comment. We very much enjoy keeping in touch. We spent the weekend with friends David and Kathryn in Martindale Texas. Curiously another movie was filmed in their town. “A Perfect World” directed by Clint Eastwood starring Kevin Costner. Have you seen it? We want to see that too. Currently staying at a rest area along I-20 with a Union Pacific main line across the way. Hoping for some pics before dark.


  6. lynnsarda says:

    Thanks for this visit to this little town. To see the result of Katrina is truly a testament to the reach of that storm. Glad you are currently out of the severe weather areas happening now.
    The pix are wonderful.


  7. Larry Shoup says:

    Looks great! We went through there a couple of times on the train in the 80’s and 90’s.


  8. Sam says:

    Randy and Dianne – Debi and I are both very excited about your new journey. We wish you both health, happiness and safe travels…


    • Kings On the Road says:

      Thanks Sam and Debi. We are having a blast. All the to West Texas now. Big Spring to be exact. Headed to watch trains in Vaughn NM on Wednesday. Thanks for looking after central Florida for us.


  9. Christine Wright says:

    It’s a good life, and I’m glad you’re maximizing it! I just came back from a one week, 5 girl beachside condo in Gulf Shores and saw a bit of 4 states (AL, FL, LA, MS) while there. Had a blast in the French Quarter of New Orleans. Andrew and I are going to England in the Fall to visit a college exchange student who lives between Liverpool and Leeds.


  10. Kings On the Road says:

    It’s a beautiful place.


  11. tjbeached1 says:

    Love keeping up with you! I do miss you on the island, but know that you are living a dream (including mine!)! Keep having fun and sending the photos! Safe travels!


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