RVing in Alaska

RVing in Alaska is so different it is a story to tell.  First of all you notice RVs are everywhere.  Everyone seems to be traveling in an RV.  Then you notice nothing is crowded.  Except of course the Fred Meyer Supermarket parking lot in Soldotna.  But that is a whole other story.

Alaska is a big state yet there are surprisingly few roads.  Really just about 4 major roads take you to all of Alaska you can visit by road.  A few more if you include roads to Prudhoe Bay on the Arctic Ocean and some isolated towns North of Fairbanks.  Most of Alaska can be seen driving just a handful of roads.  There are campgrounds everywhere.  Just about every motel and gas station has some RV sites.  Alaska State Parks have lots of campgrounds as does BLM and USFS.  And almost all rest areas in the state are perfectly good (some are great) places to spend the night.  Prices are good too. From $0 to $20 for dry camping to $15 to $40 for hookups.

One item of special interest is that Verizon smart phones from the lower 48 don’t work in Alaska.  Verizon is the most popular cellphone for RVers since they have the best coverage, but not in Alaska.  Thankfully we have our backup Trac-fone flip phone which does work where there is signal. Unfortunately it is a “pay as you go” phone and we quickly used all our minutes roaming.

Back at the Fred Meyer Superstore in Soldotna, there is a large part of the large parking lot set aside for RVs.  RVs are welcome to park there overnight and possibly for days.  Management often sends a person out to direct traffic. We saw dozens of RVs the day we were there and it was crowded.  It was a bit much for our taste but then we tend to drift toward the quiet side.

Our Holiday Rambler suited Alaska just fine.  We have always heard “You’ve got to go to Alaska”  “The ultimate RV trip”.  And we agree, every Rver should do it at least once.


Plenty of RV parking


Free Wildlife Refuge campsite


Free rest area campsite


Wonderful National Forest campsite

Alaska State Park campsite

Alaska State Park campsite


RVs congregate in Homer


All kinds of RVs

Typical Alaskan road

Typical Alaskan road





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5 Responses to RVing in Alaska

  1. Chris says:

    Spectacular sites, and to be able to see beautiful wildlife and get away from commercialism, presidential campaigns, and fears of Isis! You guys should have your own show on the Travel Channel…seriously!


  2. Judi says:

    What a lovely trip you had.


  3. tjbeached1 says:

    How wonderful!!! I am so happy for you both! I would love to see what that one RV (with the flower boxes) looked like after traveling down a dirt road!


  4. It looks like your accommodations are perfect, where ever you park; except for Homer. 🙂 So glad Graham could join you briefly. I bet he loved it.


  5. Looks like your Alaska journey was all that you had hoped it would be. What an amazing trip!


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